What is HomeSource?

HomeSource began about nine years ago as a program that loaned out tools to residents. After receiving a $100,000.00 grant from UPS, it became that program that quickly evolved into much more. Seeing a need in the community for renovation resources, the founding members acted. They created a program that not only loaned out tools, but also sold the materials necessary to do home projects. Residents, who must become members by paying a fee of $25.00, have access to materials that are sold for 50% to 90% of their retail value. They can purchase cabinets, sinks, doors, lighting fixtures and paint just to name a few of the things sold at HomeSource.
Although HomeSource began in its original location with about 1,500 square feet, it has now begun to outgrow its newer location of 10,000 square feet, 7,000 of which is solely warehouse storage of material.
HomeSource, which is about 50% of LAND's current focus, has approximately 400 members. Because LAND does not pay for adverting, most of its members learned about this program from word of mouth.
All of the items for sale at HomeSource are the result of donations. They receive things from small businesses, private citizens, and large hardware chains. They offer pick-up and do not have limitation as to how far they will to get something that will be useful to their members.

Because LAND is a non-profit organization, all of the membership fees are used to cover basic every day needs such as electric and heat.
There are three full time employees and three part time employees that keep HomeSource operational. These dedicated individuals make sure that everything is in order so that members can take full advantage of all that LAND and HomeSource has to offer.

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