While preparing to do the research for this project, I felt overwhelmed. However, once I arrived at the location, I began to have a better idea of the things that I would be looking for to include in my photo essay and felt more comfortable approaching the situation. When I first started taking the first few photos, I felt awkward and was not sure where to start. I was uncertain of the images that I was trying to capture. Once I continued to take pictures of things that I found interesting, it became much easier to keep snapping more. I felt that, for me, it was difficult to find an angle that included all the aspects that I would have liked it to encompass. A picture can only include so much and exclude the larger surroundings. It is imperative to find an image that will convey the intended message.

Engaging in a conversation with a community member was also seemingly difficult. I tried to create several questions so that my interview had a firm direction; however, once I started a dialogue with people, I found that the more I just let them talk, the more they had to offer. While I think it is important to know what sort of information you may be specifically listening for, it is also important not to structure questions too much, or you could miss points that are more interesting.

While this sort of project was new to me and I was not quite sure how to approach it, I found that the best way to handle it was to just do it because once I began, I started coming up with a clearer ideas of what I wanted to accomplish.